How To Sell Digital Products On Bonanza

Digital product authors and licensed resellers have sold their products on auction web sites for many years. Sadly, for the past couple of years auction web sites has made this increasingly more difficult. This really is due to their restrictions on the sale of digitally downloaded products. As a result many electronic product sellers have been forced to discover an alternative.

Bonanza fit the bill perfectly!

For anyone who is not familiar with Bonanza, it’s an online auction site very much like eBay. Bill Harding founded Bonanza in 2007. These days there are over 20 million products for sale on Bonanza. These item listings are available to nearly every country in the world. Among these items are, normally, digitally downloaded products.

Digital products are not only fully supported on Bonanza, the digital delivery to your client is also handled. When your product is purchased and payment completed, the buyer can download the product immediately.

The ability to simply list digital products, has made Bonanza one of the top venues for promoting downloadable software, eBooks, plugins and more.

Listing your digital downloads is easy

Register a sellers account upon Bonanza.
Once your account is energetic, login and go to your seller’s dashboard.
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Set up your Seller’s Booth, following the provided instructions/suggestions.
Select products, then add or edit items. This will open your listings page.
Choose add an item. This will take you to definitely the listing creation page.
Complete the Give Your Item A Name Field.
Next you will upload your own product images.
In the item group field, select Digital Goods, then type of item from the list of options.
Enter the number of items available in the Quantity Available field.
Complete the Comprehensive Item Description field.
In the Shipping Selection field you’ll upload your digital file. (. zip file)
Set a price for your item.
Click the, Add This Item To Your Presentation area button.
You’ll receive confirmation that your listing is now live.
That’s most there is to it. When your item sells, payment will be added to your PayPal account, the buyer will be able to download the item immediately. All of this is handled immediately, with no additional action required from you.

Another great feature of Bonanza could be the Rewards Program. You earn incentive tokens for just about every action a person perform on Bonanza. Logging within and listing items are just a few ways you earn tokens. These types of tokens can be used for fee discount rates, listing promotion and more.

There are many additional great venues for selling digital products online. However , if you sell digital products, Bonanza definitely ranks among the best. Even if you currently sell upon other sites, don’t overlook Bonanza!

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