How to Make Instructional Video

The main purpose of making an instructional video is to introduce your website, product or service to others. No matter you are teacher recording training videos, software developer making product demos or businessman making presentations for online marketing, everyone can create professional looking instructional videos without programming skill.

The following content will cover every component of making instructional video and tell you how to go through it with screen recorder.

Record video

The first thing is to start with clear planning. Design a storyboard and write down what you want to show to your audience on a script. To make it smart and impressive, practice is needed.

Then use DemoCreator, the video capture software to capture your computer screen. You can end screen recording by pressing F10 or pausing for a break with F9. When you finish recording the content, it is time to do video editing.

Add narration

There’re two ways to record video with narration. One is to make tick on Record Narration when you start recording, then choose the possible sound devices as you wish.
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Prepare a mic of good quality so that you can add great narration while recording. Another way is to open audio editor by clicking Audio on the tool bar when recording is finished. Here you can edit the existing audio track, record sound while replaying the video or simply import MP3 / WAV file as back ground music.

Add text and special effects

Briefly, here are the common special effects that DemoCreator provides to decorate your instructional video.
Callouts: A dialog box pops up showing descriptions or notices.
Button: A button that perform certain reaction when clicked on.
Animation: Insert one Flash animation, it can be chosen from the default resource or import from local disk.
Zoom-n-pan: Magnify the selected area for notification and emphasis.

Add title and credit

Right click in the Outline window and click New Slide. You can create title and credit by inserting photos, pictures, text and other objects as easily as using MS PowerPoint.

Publish for sharing

Make sure all things are done well by previewing the instructional video, then you can publish it as video and upload to the video sharing sites. The interactive Flash animation and LMS packge are also available.


It used to take hours to create instructional video, but now thing is becoming much easier with the help of screen recorder. It’s OK to make instructional video in series and keep every scene in 5~6 minutes. Here is an instructional video sample made by DemoCreator with full use of all objects mentioned above.

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