Different Washing Machine Models From Whirlpool

Being a well reckoned name in the Indian online B2B marketplace, Whirlpool washing machines are renowned for the following salient features:

o Lowest water consumption
o Best wash performance
o Stain wash

Additionally, when buying whirlpool washers, we suggest you decide based on the following factors:

o Load of clothes
o Temperature
o Rinse cycle
o Agitation process

Buy washing machines that are able to do the three normal loads in a single wash cycle. That ascertains reduction in electricity and water bills. Additionally, we will give you a brief introduction of various models that can be availed in the market today:

Semi Automatic- These semi automatic washing machines have twin tubs and perform various functions such as rinsing, spin-drying, and washing. Out of the two drums, one performs the washing whereas the other does spin drying. The clothes are transferred manually into the spin tub where it is introduced into a steady stream of water to wash away the detergents.

Fully Automatic- In the fully automatic washing machines, all the washing, rinsing and drying tasks are done in a single drum. These are further divided into three varied divisions in compliance to their control level such as Fuzzy Control, Fuzzy Control and Manual or Conventional.

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As per the loading options- Numerous washing machine brands are classified on their clothes loading options such as top loading and front loading. Studies show that front loading machines utilize less water, detergent and power and are highly efficient in cleaning and washing. These consume less amount of energy and still tend to have longer cycles.


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