Western Cartoon Art

Japan cartoon art has been one focal point to the introduction of Japan to the whole world. We have gotten to learn more about Japanese culture and how the country has risen to become what it is right now. Many of this art are demonstrated in the many animated cartoon series and movies. Video games have also shown Japanese cartoon art and just like the films and series they have been accepted worldwide. The world of animated art has observed Japan create lots of animated films and series that have been accepted wholly by the whole world.

Most of the Japanese cartoon art is usually three and two dimensional and you will find the utilization of bright colors is always in continuous use and help create a montage of various color use. The cartoons are able to look life like because of the use of the colors which help in creating a lot more realistic look at human emotion.
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In this way we are able to tell if the cartoon is angry or annoyed, by the red-colored cheeks and also if they are sad or sick they usually turn different colors or more pale than usual.

However the colours are not the only thing that the Japanese artist uses to denote emotion. The use of the large western like eyes is also utilized quite frequently and many times I have always wondered why the use of western heroes, have become a big theme in most from the Japanese animated movies and series.

I guess its because the whole entire world looks to the west as the main super power countries and it is easier to use them as characters in the cartoon movies.

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